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suju-m fanworks

fanarts ; fanfics ; grahpics

SuJu-M Fanworks
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
the fanworks of super junior m
super junior-m fanworks
a community dedicated to the fanworks of super junior-m.
you may post fanfics, fanarts, fanvids, music & graphics.
to view most of our contents such as graphics and fanfics you will need to join.
(we will switch to a proper layout when we have time)
the rules
1. all posts must be related to super junior-m.
2. keep all news/reality related posts at the mother community.
3. please be respectful of other members.
4. cut any lengthy text, embedded videos, and large images.
5. keep text size, colors, etc. at community default.
6. do not post any advertisements up until after getting permission from an admin.
7. if you use any outside resources, please list them.
8. remember to follow the posting guides.
9. and have fun! [:
for any questions or concerns contact the admins.
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